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Win a Charlie Luxton design for your dream home at Graven Hill

Graven Hill has launched a competition to win a Charlie Luxton concept design for anyone wanting to build their own home at the UK’s largest Self Build site at Bicester.

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London Mayor brings on small sites for self and custom building

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has created a new website for selling  small publicly-owned sites as a pilot for providing plots for the capital’s small- and medium-enterprise....

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New long-term evidence tool for Self and Custom Build

The Right to Build Task Force has announced that a new tool for evidencing demand for Custom and Self Build is being p....

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Task Force shares Right to Build policy experiences with Dutch government

The Task Force shares England’s experiences of the Right to Build legislation with The Netherlands.

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Ecology Building Society provides mortgage finance at Cambridge Cohousing’s Marmalade Lane project

Ethical lender the Ecology Building Society has teamed up with Cambridge Cohousing to offer mortgages to the future residents of Marmalade Lane, a 42-home community in the proce....

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Case Studies

Planning for retirement with Potton

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Beattie Passive house

Manx passive home

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Contemporary Timber Frame Home

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Passivhaus Family Farmhouse

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Steel Farm

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Merlin Haven

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Timber Frame Home, Ventnor

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Aldcliffe Yard, Lancaster

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Walthamstow Social Rent Scheme

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Prefabricated Passivhaus bungalow

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Cookham Dean, Berkshire

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Harvest House

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Bickleigh Eco Village, Devon

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Stoke-on-Trent Serviced Building Plots

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Forevergreen House

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Housing People Building Communities

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Sülzer Freunde, Cologne

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Manor Farm, Kirton

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Straw-baling, Perthshire

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Almere, Holland

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Top tips

Charlie Luxton's
Top Tip

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New Homes England agency to focus on more land for custom and self-build

Homes England will have new land buying powers, which together with its planning expertise, it will use to create more building land in high demand areas where people want to live.

This is good news for self-build and custom build homes as its brief includes a commitment to a small- and medium-enterprise builders, many of home operate in the sector. It will also support smaller sites for development, as well as  focus on bringing forward Brownfield land for development.

Around 310 local authorities now have Brownfield registers in place, with more expected to follow, and these have highlighted 16,000 sites with development opportunities, claims the agency, with a total area of over 26,000 hectares of land.

While many of these sites are for developments in the 1,000s, it should supply many opportunities for a range of development opportunities across custom and self-build, meaning more projects will be available for those wanting to build or design their own home.

The agency will support innovative routes to housing and Modern Methods of Construction, and already backs the SME sector, as over £750 million of the £1 billion short-term funding for development available in the Home Building Fund has already been committed to SME and custom build projects.

Self- and custom build already embraces Modern Methods of Construction, which includes homes built offsite, such as timber frame homes, panel systems and a range of non-traditional building models.

Housing Secretary Sajid Javid said: “This government is determined to build the homes our country needs and help more people get on the housing ladder. Homes England will be at the heart of leading this effort.

“The new agency will be key in replicating this approach right across the country and will help us build a Britain fit for the future.”

The new Homes England Agency will focus on bringing on more developable land for housing, great news for custom and self-build and small- to medium-size developers and builders. 

Government is aware that the homes this sector produces do things differently from the mainstream, something that it’s happy to encourage.

Sir Ed Lister, Chairman of Homes England, added: “We will take the lead in delivering better quality homes and great places that set the bar high for others. We will also stimulate demand for Modern Methods of Construction and ultimately disrupt the housing market.”

The new agency is further confirmation of Government’s commitment to its Housing White Paper and Autumn Budget pledges, which will increase house building to 300,000 homes a year by the mid-2020s.

Graven Hill terraced homes

Modern methods of construction being used to create terraced homes at Graven Hill.



#1 John Cattermole 2018-01-16 22:55
Hope they've got some teeth to tackle the unaccountable planning system.

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